Bottom Tie-Down Cord, for Acopian BirdSavers

Many people like the motion of BirdSavers cords as they move in the wind, hence the alias name “Zen Wind Curtains”. BirdSavers cords DO NOT get tangled as much as one might think. A cord may get crossed over another cord sometimes. If that does happen, it usually fixes itself, but you can also easily untangle the cords with your hand, or if it’s too far to be reached by hand a long stick or pole can be used to untangle them. At one of our Pennsylvania sites, where there is a lot of wind, the cords almost never get tangled. And when they do, it’s very easy to untangle them. It’s difficult to tell if a windy site will have a ‘tangling’ problem to the point of annoyance. ‘Tangling to the point of annoyance’ does not happen often, but it does happen at certain sites. On about 5% of windows with BirdSavers installed, the tangling problem was an issue. On certain windows in certain situations the wind tangles the cords (or a cord or cords may get blown to the side of the glass and then get caught on something that sticks out from the side of the building next to the window). These Bottom Tie-down Cords can easily be added to BirdSavers that are already in place.