Birds hanging on BirdSavers paracords

I don’t have an explanation for why birds sometimes hang from BirdSavers cords. A few other people, over the years, have written me to say that birds sometimes perch on their cords, and that they really enjoy seeing birds that close! I’ve had BirdSavers on my house for over 30 years and have never seen any bird do that. I wish they would, because it certainly seems like a good way to see a bird close-up!

hanginggoldfinch.jpg"I particularly get a kick out of it when birds hang on the parachute cords and watch us watching them. Goldfinches, Orioles and Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks all hang onto the cords!"
Cameron W.
Ridgeway, Ontario CANADA

hangingspottedtowhee.jpgSpotted Towhee hanging (almost) on BirdSavers paracord.
Pacific Northwest USA


hangingkinglet-2.jpgKinglet hanging on BirdSavers paracord.
Malaga, Washington USA

hangingcardinal.jpgCardinal hanging on BirdSavers paracord.

 hangingchickadee.jpgChickadee hanging on BirdSavers paracord.
Florence, Massachusetts USA