Aluminum Velcro Tabs

Many people have requested the ability to purchase the Aluminum Velcro Tabs that we use for mounting BirdSavers with the Aluminum Velcro Tabs mounting choice. For those people whose velcro has worn off, the easiest and least expensive way to rejuvenate those Tabs is to simply purchase some Velcro (#90812) and apply it to your existing Tabs.

Aluminum Velcro Tabs are used to anchor the BirdSavers horizontal "support cord" by attaching above the window with velcro. The BirdSavers can be easily installed or removed. But the velcro on the aluminum tabs won’t last forever. Depending on many variables, it can last anywhere from one month up to four or more years.

Therefore, we recommend choosing the “Screws and Clamps” mounting option when ordering your Acopian BirdSavers. The advantage of using Screws and Clamps for mounting is that you will never need to replace the velcro when/if the velcro adhesive fails. We use very small screws (#6 x 3/8” stainless steel sheet metal screws). The holes for the Screws and Clamps Mounting that we use are very small. (You can use a 7/64” size drill bit to make a pilot hole if necessary in frames that are not wood) and the holes are 'filled in' with the screw so the big thing that people always seem to worry about -leaking - is not an issue.

Another option is to mount BirdSavers using 3M Command Outdoor Light Clips. Many people who have made their own BirdSavers have had great success with these.