Acopian BirdSavers with Aluminum Bar on Top and on Bottom

To order Acopian BirdSavers with Top and Bottom Aluminum support bars, these four items are required:

  1. Glass Width
  2. Glass Height
  3. Total Distance "A" = Distance "A-top" for the Top Aluminum bar + Distance "A-bottom" for the Bottom Aluminum bar
  4. Total Height (Glass Height + Total Distance "A")
  • Measure the Width and Height of the GLASS. If there is more than one pane of glass in your window, you may want to have a look at the "Acopian BirdSavers Cord Spacing Examples" before taking any measurements.

  • Determine Distance "A". This is the distance from the Horizontal Aluminum Bar to the edge of the glass. This measurement must be determined for both the Top and the Bottom (click here to see Distance 'A' sample for Top).

Because it is so much more expensive to ship the long "Aluminum Bar" BirdSavers than the All Paracord BirdSavers, the customer will be charged the actual shipping costs for shipping these (for all other BirdSavers shipping is free).

Click here if you want to make your own BirdSavers (DIY).

Acopian BirdSavers are hand-made to order.

We can make BirdSavers for ANY window. For very large windows, unusual shaped windows, or for commercial installations please contact Acopian BirdSavers. Please send photos of your windows with your inquiry to

To order, or to get a quote, for Acopian BirdSavers with Top and Bottom Aluminum Support Bars, complete the information below. (To get a quote, instead of ordering, simply enter the word "quote" into the Coupon/Gift Certificate field during checkout):
2 Aluminum Bars photo
These "AB-TB" BirdSavers are perfect for commercial installations such as shown in the photos on this page. These photos are of Acopian BirdSavers at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.