Acopian BirdSavers for Trapezoid Windows

Standard Acopian BirdSavers consist of 1/8" diameter nylon cords hanging about 4.25" apart. They hang from a 1/8" diameter nylon, horizontal 'support cord'.

To order Trapezoidal Acopian BirdSavers, these six items are required:

  1. Glass Width
  2. Glass Height
  3. Distance 'A'
  4. Mounting Choice
  5. Total Height
  6. Photo/s of your window/s (so we can orient mounting hardware correctly)


Click here if you want to make your own BirdSavers (DIY).

Acopian BirdSavers are hand-made to order.

We can make BirdSavers for ANY window. For very large windows, unusual shaped windows, or for commercial installations please contact Acopian BirdSavers. Please feel free to send photos with your inquiry to

Click Here to order BirdSavers for Rectangular Rectangle Window shaped windows.

To order Acopian BirdSavers for Trapezoidal shaped windows, complete the information below (to get a quote, instead of ordering, simply enter the word "quote" into the Coupon/Gift Certificate field during checkout):

BirdSavers Stickers:
BirdSavers Stickers